Copper + Sage Collective

established in 2010


Welcome to Copper + Sage Collective! My name is Olivia and I am running this show! I have been fostering this business for 7 years now, and time certainly does fly. In that time, I've met and married my husband Kevin. He now joins on as a second shooter. Currently, we are living in Rockford, Michigan. We are both Grand Rapids natives, and are very proud of our city and absolutely love shooting in it! Some likes: cats, food (especially carbs of any sort, and cheese), beer, adventures, nature, comfy clothes, flowers, and my inherent introversion. Some dislikes: brussel sprouts, cancelled plans, mosquitoes, and wet socks. Kevin and I currently are working as paramedics for a local ambulance company. Photography is one of my passions and provides me with a much needed creative outlet! 

Copper + Sage Collective was formed out of the desire to bring not only my photography to the table, but also elements of floral design, as well as provide a roof for other creative endeavors. Currently we are just a husband and wife collaboration, but have had the privilege of working with many other talented creatives to make your wedding day, or your visions for portraits a reality. We hope as we continue to grow that bringing on more creatives under our roof will help us provide you with an even better client experience. 

Our main focus is portraits. I love capturing the chemistry between two people, unique facial features, and making new friends. Some of my favorite shots are candid. I prefer minimal posing unless necessary, and we will work together to make sure you're comfortable. I feel that if a client is comfortable, it shows through the photos. Since I specialize in portrait photography, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples! My other specialty is wedding photography. I love being able to walk with you and share your journey from engagement photos, to boudoir, to your wedding day, and anniversaries beyond. My style is earthy, organic, and candid. We pride ourselves on being hybrid shooters who bring both digital and medium format film to the table. Our goal is to offer you quality pictures that evoke emotion and accurately portray you as a couple, and helping you walk away with a treasured keepsake.

Thank you for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you! 

Olivia and Kevin