5 Things That Changed My Photography Business // Grand Rapids, Michigan

5 Things That Changed My Photography Business

Any small business knows you need tools to be able to complete the job. The days of paper, pencils, ledgers, and "I O U's" are long gone. We've needed to adapt and catch up. Today I want to share my 5 things that helped my business, my workflow, and my profits. Each of these is not an expensive element to implement into your day to day operations. Most can be found online, and you'll be supporting even more small businesses by buying from them directly! I sound like a spokesperson, but I promise I'm not! I just want to share the wealth with all of you beautiful people.


1. Photo Mechanic

This one is a no-brainer for me. Being mainly a wedding photographer, I have spent hours upon HOURS culling through thousands of wedding day photos from not only myself, but my second shooter as well. Each photo would take upwards of 5 seconds to load a preview in Lightroom, and then an additional couple seconds after I either deleted it, or chose it as "a winner". This adds up. Let's do the math. If it takes me 8 seconds total to cull 1 photo, that means I can do 7.5 in 1 minute. So what if I have a ton of photos? I went crazy somehow on one wedding this year, and had 3400 photos at the end of the night. If I have 3400 photos and it takes me 8 seconds each, we're looking at a big chunk of time! 453.3 minutes to be exact! That's 7 and 1/2 hours for culling. I don't know about you, but I wanted to shave some time off. With Photo Mechanic, you aren't pulling up the high res previews. It produces a low res preview quickly and efficiently so you can zip through images in no time. With Photo Mechanic, it takes me 2 seconds to cull a photo. At 30 photos per minute, that leaves me with my entire 3400 picture wedding edited in 113.3 minutes, or, JUST UNDER 2 HOURS. If you don't want to shave off 5 and 1/2 hours, you must have way more time on your hands than I do! Want to give it a try? click here

2. Fundy

Besides sounding kind of like my maiden name (Pfund), Fundy makes me think of a good time. This turned out to be the case once I got a hang of the powerful album and wall art designer. They just updated the software to include card design (think save the dates, holiday cards, etc). This makes Fundy an all-in-one IPS workhorse. It took me a few tries to get used the layouts and editing features. My favorite aspect is being able to tell it the size of your album, the name of the producing company, number of spreads, and number of images total, and it gives you the option to auto-design an album at the click of a button. Tweaking is almost always required, but it's much easier to build off of an existing design than creating one from scratch. Not to mention showing clients wall art to scale simulated in their own homes is a game changer! To try Fundy, click here


3. Dubsado

Although I love all of the services and products listed here, Dubsado is probably my favorite! This CRM can literally do everything! Use an automated workflow to send client documents, emails, and invoices, as well as create beautiful proposals with your branding. The customer service is unmatched, and you feel good about supporting a small family with a dream. I've found Dubsado to offer more customization than both 17hats and Honeybook (nothing against you if you prefer them), and be way less confusing. They offer free services to help get you set up, as well as a helpful facebook community full of troubleshooting tips. They've helped me get organized, and stay on top of all my clients and inquires. I couldn't recommend them more. To top it off, they have a free trial that isn't timeline based. You can have 3 clients on the trial and never have to upgrade. This gives you plenty of time to try everything, get familiar with the features, and customize to our brand before you even buy. Speaking of buying, if you use this code: copperandsage, you will get 20% off your first month or year! Try it here

Skeptical? Check a mentorship proposal I made using Dubsado. This gets sent automatically to every mentee who is ready to book. They can select their package, sign a contract, and pay all in one spot all while looking classic and refined. 11/10 would recommend.

4. IPS Mastermind

If you are interested in diving into the amazing world of in-person sales, IPS Mastermind is for you. They have a website chocked full of classes, templates, and information for you to learn from and apply to your business. Before I joined the Facebook group, I was getting by only offering a few digitals to my clients. They didn't buy prints from me because they didn't know I offered them (I barely did) and they didn't know that they needed them, and what exactly they needed. Now I can walk a client through an entire wedding or portrait experience hand in hand throughout the whole process. I help them pick outfits, I help measure walls, offer art advice, and provide an heirloom. All I can say is I'm never going back. Check it here

5. JPEGmini

Last but totally not least, is JPEGmini. This app / Lightroom plugin takes your photographs and compresses them down an average of 85% without losing any of the quality. This saves you backup space, gallery space, and USB space for your clients, and neither of you will notice the difference. The price tag isn't hefty, and neither are the file sizes. Give it a try and turn to the mini side

Don't believe me? Check below.

These are in no particular order. Check them out, throw some money their way, and get started making your business and your life, easier and more efficient. Have questions? Feel free to give me a shout and let's talk! I'd love to chat and share my insight. 

Copper + Sage Collective is a fine art wedding and portrait photography team serving Grand Rapids, Michigan, and beyond. They are available for travel, and live for intimate weddings, film, and their four cats.