Booking Copper + Sage Collective for Your Wedding Florals

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So, you’re looking at wedding/event florists. How does this work?

I get it. Wedding planning can be super crazy with a lot of tiny details you need to keep track of. Twenty vendors are offering you services for the same thing with different add-ons, and your mom has your entire ceremony planned out for you. You might have a lot of questions, and you aren’t sure who to go with. I get it, I really do! I want to talk about the process to becoming a Copper + Sage Collective couple. We try to simplify things so you worry less, and rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

step one:

Step one is a consultation after your initial inquiry. Here we take everything we may have talked about before this point, and brainstorm together. We’ll go over colors, swatches, inspiration photos, shapes, flowers, and more to get a clear picture of your vision and event. Once we’ve curated your mood board, we can start drafting up a quote for you.

step two:

In step two we take everything from the mood board, budget details, must-haves, etc, and put together a semi detailed proposal outlining what we can provide for you based on what flowers are in season as well as your needs. We will send this over to you for approval. You might be getting quotes from others, and that’s fine too. It’s good to compare and find a good fit for your florist. Be weary of anyone who says they can get you any flower at any time, or someone who is too cheap. Flower quality highly varies depending on if they’re in season or not, and how they have to ship to arrive. Someone who looks good budget-wise compared to your other quotes might require a second look. Where do their flowers come from? Are they fresh and good quality? What’s all included with the price? Any hidden fees? Do they outsource your design? We won’t overwhelm you with questions, but do your research to assure you find a good fit who will take care of you.

step three:

Once you’ve decided on a florist to help you with your event, you pay the deposit. This goes towards your final total, and allows us to hold your date and start purchasing your supplies. We require 30% down at the time of booking, and the remainder due 30 days prior to the wedding date to assure everything is ordering and arriving in a timely manner. At booking we also require a signed contract for the exchange of funds, as well as confirmation of your date being held. Once we have those things in hand, you’re set! Your proposal is a fluid document, and we can always make some changes to your quantities, colors, etc as long as they aren’t too close to the wedding day.

We’re so excited to start curating and creating your wedding day vision. Between your preferences and dreams and our knowledge and creative touch, we can make your event one to remember. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you’re ready to start talking proposal ideas.

We can’t wait to hear from you!