Matted Fine Art Prints in Keepsake Box // Grand Rapids, Michigan

So excited to be offering these new matted print keepsake boxes! This is a great way to not only store your prints, but rotate them through frames as well. Since they're matted, they're already ready to go! All of our prints have been rated to last more than 120 years without fading or yellowing if stored out of direct sunlight and in a temperature controlled environment. If a print ever fades or yellows, bring it back to us for a full replacement. 

These keepsake boxes come in 2 different standard sizes: (custom order may be available)

  • 8x10 holding ten prints
  • 11x14 holding seven prints

*shown is the 11x14 keepsake box*

These handmade glass boxes boast thick, shatter resistant glass, as well as durable, unique hinges. The smaller boxes will even hold the lid open independently! Each box comes with the specified amount of prints, matted. The final measured size is the overall mat size. The mats are made with acid free paper, and designed to hold and match up to your archival prints. When placed in a frame, a matted print will keep longer than one without. There are different paper texture options to choose from including Canson Rag, Museum Etching, Fine Art Matte, and more (ask us to feel each one). Once your prints are safely sealed into the mat, we provide you with either plastic covers for each individual one, prolonging the life even more and protecting from oils due to handling, or white cotton gloves. White gloves allow you to safely handle your luxurious prints without the risk of transferring food, etc, while preserving the raw look unhindered by plastic. 


We encourage you to take a look at these keepsakes during your consultation, or your viewing and ordering session. See what your memories would look like in print, on display, prepared to last a lifetime. 

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