Ultimate Wedding Floral Checklist

If you’re asking yourself, “what do I need for my wedding?” or, “what flowers do people normally have for a wedding?” You are not alone. Many brides and grooms have been asking for a checklist of flower possibilities for the big day, and we delivered. Feel free to pin the checklist into your Pinterest board, or bookmark this page to reference it later when you go to talk to your florist. This is the most comprehensive list we have found on the internet; however, that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten everything. If you can think of something we missed, put it in the comments below!

let’s break it down

Starting with the personals, we have some essentials for every wedding or elopement. If there is a bride, the bridal bouquet is normally one of the pinnacles of the wedding flower experience. Should the wedding have two grooms, a striking boutonniere or flowing lapel decor will provide the same effect. A hair piece for the bride is a great way to keep things natural while coordinating with your bouquet. Plus, it sends you 1960’s flower child vibes.

If you’re thinking, do I REALLY need a boutonniere for every uncle, cousin, grandfather, and godfather in the family? The answer is no. Traditions are constantly changing, and most people won’t notice if your second cousin’s husband isn’t wearing his boutonniere. Want everyone to have one? We can do that too! The same thing goes with corsages. If you’re worried deciding between items, save and splurge on bouquets, ceremony installations, or reception decor. While corsages and boutonnieres are dainty and cute, they quickly become nothing more than an object in the way when you’re trying to hug everyone. Don’t let us discourage you from ordering any, but we just want to be real here.

Let’s talk ceremony! A large ceremony installation on an arbor, arch, wall, etc, is a striking piece, and provides a stunning backdrop to your nuptials. Altar arrangements placed either at the entrance to the aisle, or down by the actual altar make you feel like you’re in a victorian garden, and add to the gorgeous surroundings. Tradition calls for a flower girl to walk down the aisle sprinkling petals at the bride’s feet. Many have strayed from that and have either their grandmother(s) as a flower girl, use alternative materials, or don’t participate at all. One sweet gesture at the ceremony is gifting a rose or other flower to loved ones who have impacted you and your partner’s life. Another is placing a vase arrangement on a chair or pew where a loved one who has passed would sit, in honor of their memory. These heartwarming touches are one way to make your ceremony even more meaningful, while recognizing those who have made you and your partner what you are today.

The reception is your time to show off your decor, and allow guests to really sit and appreciate it after participating in your ceremony. Small arrangements on cocktail tables beckon folks into the venue, and add subtle ambiance. The centerpieces on your guest tables are a huge part of the reception, and offer a platform to really show off your favorite colors, flowers, theme, etc. A variety of high and low centerpieces is a great way to tempt the eye and provide dimension. Hanging chandeliers and centerpieces are a unique way to draw attention to high ceilings and unique spaces. Compote centerpieces with lush florals cascading out give guests a talking point when the salads are done and the main course is being distributed. Garlands swirling off of the tables, (especially the head or sweetheart table) feel luxurious and bring the outdoors inside. If you’re into botanicals or your theme allows, flowers delicately inserted (wrapped in food safe material) or placed on the cake offer freshness and color. Lastly, a toss bouquet is a fun tradition, not to mention it gives your DJ an excuse to play “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.

Each and every wedding is just as unique as you and your partner. You may find that you only need a few things from this checklist, or you may comment with ideas I’ve never seen before and wish to expand the floral agenda with your wedding. Either way, this gives you a heads up, and allows you to be prepared for your consultation with your florist, and have some ideas ready to go when asked.

We hope this list is beneficial to you, and you’re able feel a better understanding of how many flowers go into making a wedding. Specifically yours! We wish you luck on wedding planning, and feel free to comment any questions or additions below!