Why A Boudoir Session?

Why boudoir?

Many are worried about having a boudoir session done. Some don't want to because they're worried about how they look, others fear they're shooting porn and God will smite them off the face of the Earth, and some feel they'll never be ready. Let me tell you a couple things:

1. Everyone I have ever met for a boudoir session is worried about how they look. I was petrified when I did one! Here's the thing, we will laugh together, embrace imperfections together, and make magic together. Your body is strong, beautiful, and deserves to be a glorious piece of artwork. Seeing yourself in a different light than you normally do will help your confidence. Knowing that you did something daring, fun, and sensual makes you feel strong and accomplished.

2. You're not shooting porn! I promise! I would NEVER make you do something you are not comfortable with. You set the tone and the limits for the session, and we will never breach them or dance on the line. This is a safe space for you to express yourself creatively, as well as sensually, without worry of ridicule or danger.

3. You may never 100% feel ready. You might still be sitting in the chair having hair and makeup done, and you're still regretting your decision. That's okay! It's a leap of faith, sink or swim, trust fall type situation. You won't let yourself down. As soon as you start, things will become more comfortable. We'll even start with the most daring poses and outfits first to get them out of the way and jump in. There is no time like the present! 

If you made it past my wall of text, congrats! Check out the video below from Michael Sasser of Boudoir by Sasser, and Jen Saviano as she speaks about boudoir sessions and self love. If you still have doubts after the video, contact me. We can discuss over coffee or a beer and get to the bottom of this and start planning your dream session! Cheers!

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