Investment - Elopements

At Copper + Sage Collective, we celebrate non traditional weddings and challenging societal norms. Your wedding should be as unique as you are! Whether your dream elopement is in the mountains, a friend's backyard, or in front of an old courthouse, we are always down to travel and happy to accommodate your unique day. Check out our wishlist for discounted destinations! Due to the very personal and varying nature of elopements, a phone conversation or consultation is required to give you a precise quote. 

Included for elopements:

  • a no obligation pre-session consultation. I'll take you out for a drink, and we'll spend some time getting to know each other. Think of it as going out to coffee with a new friend! Here I'll collect some info about your plans, and use it to tailor a quote to your specific needs. We can work out a timeline for pictures to get you the best lighting possible. I'll also start taking notes to put together an artwork package that's perfect for your vision! 
  • an optional styling consultation. We will sit down together and go over ideas for hair and makeup (if applicable), and give you tips for what will photograph the best. We can also advise you about accessories, and collect info to put together a styling kit customized for your elopement.
  • coverage for your elopement. We will be there for up to the specified amount of coverage. If you need more, no problem! On the day of, we'll be taking photos and helping you preserve precious memories. We'll also help hold the umbrella, blaze the trail, and be present for you on your big day. 
  • professional image retouching. Every image is closely inspected, and "culled" through to find the best choices. We then take those choices and edit them individually for exposure, contrast, color correction, straighten and crop them, as well as skin retouching and other minor aesthetic edits.  
  • an intimate reveal session. You'll have the chance to sit down with your loved one and watch a slideshow of your best images in our studio space. We'll show you the gallery to choose from, and help you build a package to fit your needs. We can also show you how certain wall art pieces will look in your exact space to scale! Bring a picture (or let us take one) and we'll plug it into our software to show you what a 30x40 gallery wrap canvas can do for your home. 

Sound like a plan?