Flower’s are nature’s emotions

They evoke deep feelings of love, enjoyment, and wonder. They can be sensual, extravagant, and each one more unique than the next. Set the mood with a bespoke floral experience. They have the power to change any space with subtle differences in texture, fragrance, movement, and color. Flowers are undoubtedly a perfect symbol for your extraordinary love story.

grand rapids florist bouquet yellow and white

It all started when I was a young girl, helping my Grandma with her garden. From day lilies to geraniums, we planted, watered, and nurtured together. She helped me explore my creativity and we designed floral arrangements together in her kitchen while drinking tofu, banana, and OJ smoothies. From humble beginnings, we are so grateful to continue to learn and grow with flowers. Now myself (Olivia) and my husband Kevin work together to give couples the event of their dreams. I’m the lead designer, and he is my sidekick, builder extraordinaire, and support system.

We as Copper + Sage Collective, offer boutique wedding and elopement floral design. Every wedding vision is different, and we are happy to offer a personalized experience for every couple. Featuring unconventional materials such as seed pods, vegetables, and feathers, we don’t let the constraints of “your mom’s floral design” define us. Think cascading ferns, bouncy ranunculus, and gorgeous ruffled roses. From massive archway installations, to boutonnieres and flower combs, each piece receives the utmost care to assure you receive only the best. If you’re a bride or groom who likes to push the envelope, and wants to be swimming in florals and greenery on the big day, we’re probably a good fit!



Hey friend, Olivia here

So, you’re looking for a florist? I’d love the chance to get to chat with you about your vision for the big day. I specialize in larger than life arrangements, and sourcing locally lush blooms. I pride myself on using unique and sustainable products, and would love to show you how we can set the tone for your wedding or event.


The Details:

  • Due to our availability and demand, we only take a limited amount of wedding floral clients every year. If you are interested, contact us early to set up a consultation and book your date.

  • We prepare a customized proposal for each and every couple based on your vision, colors, textures, inspiration, and budget. Think of it as your wedding floral mood board! Because we invest this time into everyone who meets with us, we charge a non-refundable consultation fee should a client cancel or no-show for an in-person consultation. We know how valuable both your and our time is, and we want to make sure that we can set aside enough time to give you a complete proposal.

  • We have a minimum purchase of $2500 for Saturday weddings that include installation/delivery. This is because we can only take one large wedding in a weekend. If you are only needing small pieces, can pick up/set-up, or have an elopement, still contact us to see how we’re able to accommodate you.

  • Looking for silk flowers for your destination wedding? Check out our Etsy shop here, or contact us!

  • Fill out our form below to start the process, and we will begin working on a one-of-a-kind proposal for you!